Why i was called Dennis white!

First of all, apologies for taking so long to update my blog. I almost died, money had been thouroughly poured to finish me and my tribe. All along i thought i was doing a pretty awesome job of trying not to get shot by a sniper; poison almost got me this time!

Ok, not poison as in some enemy wanting to finish me with off by rat poisoning my food and recording the whole incidence on video. No, not that kind. Food poisoning; the kind which gives you constant headaches, stomach aches, loss of appetite, back pains, nausea……all signs of pregnancy by the way.

But am back, and stronger. True, what does not kill you definitely makes you stronger. Goodness, i’ve come back with such a ravenous appetite i feel obliged to revenge for the week i was just surviving on fruits and veges. Never before in my life have I had such a huge intake of fruits. It’s no wonder I did not crap for almost 2 days, that’s terrible! Now am back to my carnivorial habits!

Let me tell you what happened. The week before i got sick a friend invited me over for dinner. Wife had made such lovely deep fried samaki just the way i love them; spicy, and almost crunchy. So they had like a dozen pieces of fish in a bowl , well, among other things of course, and i started on the fish bowl immediately. I should have gone for the Dates or something lighter, but yenyewe my heart just decided fish would be a good starter.

Cleared like a half the bowl then sampled the other dishes. The salad was great. The tea later was even better, lots of milk in it.

That was the mistake i did. NEVER EVER EVER mix milk and fish, it is catastrophic. Got me bed ridden for almost a week.

The last time a disease got me down was like 8 years ago, must have been Typhoid or something. Stayed in bed for an entire week and TV was soooo boring. Series were not the in thing back then.

I tried to convince myself that this was the best time to connect with the writer within me while am home and sick with little else to do other than lie on the sofa all day. I lied to myself. I opened my laptop, got an unfinished piece and just stared at it.

I yawned, for no apparent reason and minimised the tab. Opened another folder containing videos I should have watched months back. Started on Despicable me 2.

I had forsaken my blog, I felt despicable! I tried to reach for the glass of water on the floor, couldn’t reach it so I decided I didn’t even need it! The medication I was on had left an unpleasant taste in my mouth.

The previous night my Missus had blended me a cocktail of beetroot, carrot and water melon juice. Tasted great. This morning she did the same and did not sieve it. It was yuck, I didn’t tell her though, she had concorted the stuff with so much love I didn’t want to ruin her moment.

She had left everything to be by my side, my darling girl, while I was sick. I thought that was sweet. I wondered whether one day we would switch roles and I can take care of her the same way she did me.

Ha, I swear I will blend raw eggs, cucumber and maziwa lala and tell her it’s the concotion that will make her feel better. Then I will stand 1000 miles away before she throws up. And record the entire thing on camera. And put it on this here blog.

Tough love, yo!

So I was supposed to tell you why wansa pon a time a bunch of friends called me Dennis White (Dennis is the name on my ID, Abu is what I got when I reverted). I will have to tell you in the next post.

I also wanted my 30th post on this blog to be a dedication to my late mum; guess I will have to schedule that for another day. Plus a letter I wanna write to my absentee father. This was inspired by Fatherhood moments on bikozulu.

Keep it locked, people!


6 thoughts on “Why i was called Dennis white!

  1. Great post Abu, So much going on here such that i am tempted to comment in point form,ok ill just do that:
    1. Pole for the sickness and glad you are back
    2.Milk and fish don’t mix, great tip tho recently my pal gave me the recipe for omena n apparently, milk is to be added,a lil scared ama omena si fish 🙂
    3. Missus sounds like a keeper, do not dare fix her that concotion you mentioned hehe
    4. I cannot wait to read the posts uv mentioned from the tribute(may she continue resting in peace) to the Dennis white post and then the dad post.

    Finally, i really admire your dedication to your blog and writing. Really good job.

    • haha, thanks alot. i keep lying to myself that am hard as nails an cannot succumb to such funny mixes of fish and milk, i was wrong……am actually gonna have fish for lunch today, talk of Kenyans never learning from their mistakes!!
      Thanks for the awesome pointers, like i always say, you do inspire me alot. You were the first blogger to follow my blog, that in itself is huge huge inspiration, that’s why am your biggest fan,Diana.

      Yeah, the other post is just about to be uploaded…..and am eagerly awaiting your next post too…and a BOOK!!!!!

      • well i hope you survived your lunch this time 🙂 And thanks for the kind words. We do inspire each other. Can’t believe i just bumped into you on storymoja, now my face always lights up when i get the email alerts that you have a new post up. Keep writing and i will keep reading.

  2. Am glad to here that…..same case here, next time you stay for long without posting i will mail the fellas at wordpress enquiring whether they are hiding your posts from me!!
    Hey, what happened to the mau Mau story you had mentioned last time?

    • I am working on it, tried to send it to you for input but that email you gave me, never getting anything from that. I want to submit it for publication in a magazine, so it would be nice if i can get your input. As for the blog, i always end up with many writing projects and i have a full-time office job so it becomes a bit hard to post frequently but you always motivate me to keep trying so thanks.

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