Life, Dear Life!

I woke up to a moving article by Gillian about the #MpeketoniAttack. It is a deep piece indeed and i totally share Gillian’s sentiments. It actually got me thinking; have human beings developed Gold fish memories that only last a span of 3 secs? Ok, let’s say we even extend the span to an hour, a week, a month, the point is still the same; we forget too easy!

Westgate is forgotten, other attacks have been forgotten. Mpeketoni will be forgotten soon; it will be lost in the sea of football fever and madness.

Right now is football month; people are coming to work groggy eyed coz of staying up late for the games. Our watchman for one spent the entire day yesterday dozing on his plastic chair. A bulldozer would have levelled our office without him hearing a thing. No, i won’t have him fired!

Yesterday Ntv’s bulletin majored on the Mpeketoni attacks, as Mark Masai mentioned. It’s indeed terrible what happened. Ok, war wherever it happens is a terrible thing, the consequences and repercussions especially loss of human life, orphaned kids, widowed women. What’s going to happen to them?

The bulletin runs for about 45 mins, the Nigeria and Iran game starts at 2200 hours. Immediately the loss of life witnessed 15 minutes earlier is forgotten as we all travel to Brasil to cheer team Africa on. We sleep disappointed coz Nigeria drew, we hope Ghana will make mince meat out of the USA. Meanwhile in Mpeketoni gunmen are making minced meat out of fellow Kenyans. More games in Brasil as we wake to more deaths in Mpeketoni.

Now, i think we are having our ‘travel priorities’ all mixed up here; nobody seems to be travelling (through shared sentiments)to Mpeketoni to at least see the attack for what it is, loss of human life. It could have been me, or you. It’s not that we are so freaking special eti coz the disaster did not happen to us. for all we know they could have attacked our estates and apartments and flats and killed the men (am not sure i would have survived)and spared our women.

Or maybe, just maybe we have grown so accustomed to the stench of death. I mean, there is death everywhere in the world: South Sudan, CAR, Somalia, Palestine….the list is endless. We have grown to accept such as normal occurrences, like flipping burgers and paying the parking tickets. We watch breaking news of fellow human beings being killed and immediately we switch back to our lives, forgetting that whatever happened to them could happen to us too!

So today, i choose to stand with Gillian on this. I choose to be bitter about what’s happening in Mpeketoni and other parts of the world. I sympathise with the orphans, the widows, the grieving fathers. True, i may not be proud of Kenya on the politico-legal dimension but am sure proud of its Ethno-lingual side. My land is Kenya.
To quote Gillian:

Kenya is about me. Its about you. DO SOMETHING. But you can only start when you get bitter. Very bitter to speak up

That will be all….Now, let’s sit back and watch our politicians play the finger pointing games as they hunt for 2017 votes!


4 thoughts on “Life, Dear Life!

  1. mh..deep posts and sad about how quick man forgets. Right now people are quite rallied up about security issues but soon something new will overtake that and as you mentioned, it is already happening. Guys are like ” wah did you hear about Mepeketoni… anyway,…” and then they move on to the next thing.It is really sad when you think about it.Innocent lives just lost like that.

    May God have mercy on our nation and may He watch over us and comfort those who have lost loved ones. May the departed rest in peace and may sanity be restored in this country soon.

  2. You picked on all the points i couldn’t pin down because of anger. We need to speak now…We need to start the change. It is not just about one post. It will be a series of post but i am happy that you are on board to speak up. Deep thoughts right there and thank you for reminding Kenyans that we forget too fast. We need to stop and think….moving on is not a solution. I am on my knees chatting with God…only Him can protect His people

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