Inspired by women!

A lady once asked me what was the most painful thing i have undergone as a man and after some thinking i told her circumsicion and ahhh, well a donkey’s kick on my leg. She rolled her eyes and chewed her mouth (is this the term?) the way those Naija actresses do. I told her those things are painful, especially the donkey kick and yeah, in circumsicion the pain comes with a vengeance once the anaesthesia wears off. She laughed and told me the pain of child birth cannot even be adequately expressed by words. I agree, mad respect for all women!

So i am really inspired by the women i have chanced upon in this journey of life.

This blog too has been inspired to a very large extent by women. Yes, akhymjanja has been inspired by great women. First by Waithera my mother who inspired me to read and write from a very tender age.

I grew up going through her novels; Danielle Steele, Sidney Sheldon, Nora Roberts, Robert Ludlum and a couple of James Hardley Chase (never read these, just stared at the cover pics!). She bought me the entire collection of Hardy Boys, Secret Seven, Famous Five, Nancy Drew and i actually got to read my first full African novel at age 12; that was ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe.

I remember going through ‘Mine Boy’ and ‘The Concubine’ at the same age. And needless to say i toped in my grammar and composition all the way to high school.

Then later, much later just when i was about to turn 32 I started blogging. It’s been a good 6 months of blogging for me, approx 1040 hits (guys, i need more hits…more and more) and 45 follows. A thousand mile journey starts with a single hit, a single follow….

I had prepared a different post for today but had to change last minute after something happened to 2 women who are my biggest fans and inspiration.

One is Dee (read about the voices in her head here); has been my best critic so far and to say the truth she writes the most amazing short stories. I have christened her “Queen of Sad” coz she knits the cutest love stories which always have a bizarre twist at the end. Most of the time i catch myself wanting to read more, so i mail her like, ‘yo Dee, keep the stories coming……..she is like ‘yo Abu shut up and blog!’

Dee is fine. Her friend who has become my friend through somewhat similar occurrences is not well. Alice* (not her real name) suffered a miscarriage today after six months and i can only imagine how terrible it is for her. By the 6th month the pregnancy is already in the 3rd trimester, almost doing the home stretch. She probably had already started shopping for the baby, had chosen a cute name like Ethan for a boy and Daisy for a girl; was most definitely already seeing the little bundle of joy in her arms within a few months……

She was ready to be a mother; my heart goes out to her and words are not even enough to express my profuse sympathy.

Early in ’13 Someone close to me suffered the same just 4 months into her pregnancy and it was a devastating blow. She had to go through some serious counselling after that.

I am a man, i would not feel what these lovely women have felt but either way my heart goes out to them.

If, and this is a very big IF, there was a way men could switch roles and become women i think my biggest prayer would be to remain a man. Not because women are bad, no, women are great, but coz i know men have no power to handle what a woman handles.

I mean, imagine if i became a woman today, say perhaps after going round a Mugumo tree 7 times. An hour after transformation i get my periods….not good! I am pretty certain that if am not past tense by the time am through with my periods i would be on a drain at Nairobi women’s hospital and probably in dire need of blood transfusion.

So i got to blogging almost daily in the month of June coz of another awesome chic, Salma (told me not to refer to her as a woman coz it makes her feel old). She has been on my neck ever since she read my first post. If she was a vampire (i cannot justify that she is not!) i would be done by now. By far i think she is my biggest fan. I don’t blog for a day and she is like:
Hey Abu whatsup, i don’t see anything on your blog today, are you ok!’
Yeah, am fine….just that..”
Just what?” she interrupts. She is very stubborn Baethewei!
Just, you know, thought i could post next week maybe!”
What? Are you freaking kidding me? next week? Why? Man you got talent, don’t let it go to waste….”

And coz of that am inspired to keep posting.

So Salma happens to be terribly down today, i guess it’s just one of those days you just wake up and don’t feel like doing eish or talk to anyone.

So Salma, this is for you too. You turned 24 today (damn girl, you are such a baby!). you may not be having the best birthday ever but whatever the situation is, I know (and i NEED you to believe so too) that you are better than it.

You are among the strongest women (and i don’t mean WWE strong here) i have come to know, otherwise i wouldn’t mention your name here! You need to get your spirits up, girl. You were created to be happy and being sooooooo down and sad does not suit you.

So, Dee, Alice and Salma, you are women of sustance; you inspire me and i hope that i do the same for you. If so, i can die a happy man, at least when you are weeping on my grave (no flowers please, just plant spinach) you will not look down and say:
Abu Amirah was never there for us….”
Be strong Alice, be strong. Everything Almighty God does has a reason in as much as we may not fathom it.


5 thoughts on “Inspired by women!

  1. Beautiful post and thumbs up to those women, esp Dee, she sounds super awesome LOL. Anyway, on a serious note, very good job, good words for Alice, i can only imagine what she is going through. A happy belated birthday to Salma and hope today is a better day for her. Thanks a lot.

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