A Gentle Nudge is all we need.

I have a confession to make. She wants to change, really wants to change to a better person and i was almost giving up on her. That would have been devastating for her (don’t ask who, it’s classified), it would have put her back to square one. She would have never been the same again. I am not going to give up on her.

Hang on to that intro, it’s the very essence and reason of today’s post.

Remember sometime back i told you about my home? No, not home as in a house and a bed and food and stuff; home as in where my heart was; the rock, remember? If you don’t, find it here.

I recall a day that was just like any other, seated on that rock, my rock, chewing on a blade of grass. The entire village was extremely quiet in the afternoon heat. From afar i could hear the distant roar of something, an aeroplane, a very small one flying high up above. I watched till it disappeared into the horizon. I wondered where it was headed.

I once professed my love for Ruthy my onetime sweetie on this rock. We looked down on our village and wished we could fly away and live our dreams someplace else; this village was too small to contain our dreams. Ruth now has 3 kids….no, they are not mine!

One day on the rock while i was alone just lazing and lost in thought i got an unexpected visitor; a dung beetle pushing a perfectly round ball of cow dung (looks like a dark green matt lollipop without the stick!) with its hind feet. I have always found these creatures fascinating; i think they got really awesome brains in their tiny selves to do such a thing.

So it passes close to my feet, i move slightly to let it pass, it doesn’t even thank me. A few centimetres away it runs into a tiny stone which sends the dung ball rolling back on it. Immediately it goes back to its position and starts pedalling again, hits the same rock and i almost think the dung ball was gonna crush it to death.

The poor thing really tries surmounting the tiny stone, succeeds at first weaving its way around it only to fall into a small ditch.

Oh, you might be asking what a dung beetle and a dung ball has anything to do with the good lady i mentioned in the intro. Just hang in there, this will cause World War 3!

The beetle goes round and round the ball perhaps thinking of the best way to get out of the ditch. Am tempted to help but again i don’t want to alter the forces of creation and predestination. Baethewei i heard it’s illegal to kick box a Lion or any other predator chasing after some prey thinking that in your commodious, philanthropic nature you will save the poor thing; that’s altering/interfering with nature, unless the prey is of course a human!

Back to my dung story. I debated and thought it best to bend the rule a bit, so i took a stick and pushed the dung ball out of the ditch gently coz i might push to hard and ‘dismantle’ it. That would have made the beetle cry, i swear! Poor thing literally hugs the ball (well, looked like a hug to me) and mounts its hind legs on it and pedals away. I thought i heard a faint ‘thank you human’. I in turn bade it fare thee well!

That small act made me feel happy. It got me thinking; Perhaps all we need is a gentle nudge in the right direction amid life’s ups and downs.

Today i was reminded of the story after a friend (mentioned in the intro) called me and asked i include her in my prayers. What exactly should i pray for you about, i asked;

Well,” a sigh. “Just pray for me to be good, i just wanna be good.” Then silence.

I could tell that the request for that prayer came from deep down her heart; she really wants to be good. I cannot subject her to queries about why she wants to be good and what bad things she has done to desire goodness now, no, that’s not my job. It’s only Allah who knows what lies in our hearts, am not one to judge.

Am a witness she has really been working hard towards being good, she means it and i hope the encouragement i give her now and then will serve as a gentle nudge in the right direction.

That’s all we need, a gentle, understanding nudge. Friendships and relationships are broken far too easily just coz no one is willing to assist the other get up after falling. We rush to pick the higher moral ground and be judgemental.

We give up too quickly on people we care about just coz they seem to be struggling getting their life back on track. Anyone can change, anyone can be good, and we just need to give them a chance if we truly care about them.

So this is to my friend*; no matter what life throws your way, i will stick in your corner. I may not exactly catch a grenade for you (trust me, even Bruno Mars won’t) but i will sure as your sparkling brown eyes stay and fight with you. I am not giving up on you, so don’t give up on yourself either!


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