“You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress a people who are not afraid anymore!” Cesar Chavez.

As am writing this, the Israeli (am stifling an urge to use a profane word here) Defence Force is heavily shelling Gaza, 6th day now. A family is on its way to burry 66 year old Mohammed, 300 metres away the Israeli Airforce drops some serious bombs.

The people rush to the destroyed house, a woman lies on a mat, dead, presumably caught napping. A man runs forward carrying the mutilated body of a child; it’s all mourning and tears and agony…..the kids are in utter confusion. I can only imagine how scared they are right now.

The freaking UNSC has the balls to call for a ‘Ceasefire between Israelis and Palestinians‘. Am listening to the gentleman read this statement and i wonder whether he has seen the corpses of kids, women, men……has he seen the bloodshed, or has ‘zionist agendas and democracy‘ of so the called bullshit of ‘protecting our people’ blinded him that much?

Are Palestinians not people?

Oh, i seem to forget, the Zionists control the narrative here……we see and believe what they want us to believe.

Another footage captured in real time. The IDF fire a ‘warning shot’. 57 secs later the entire house is levelled. Witnesses are shouting for the family to move out of their house and not to leave their father (probably aged) behind. Am not even sure they make it out before the strike…..

This, explains an IDF commander is a kind way of telling the Palestinians, ‘hey, hello, get the hell out, we wanna bomb your house!’ To the (insert a profane word of your choice) Israeli Army this is as amusing as watching their fav action movie on tv. in fact you can see the signs of a smile as he is trying to explain this, saying that they have a right to protect their people….which is a blantant lie!

Accordingly, the IDF intends to increase the amount of attacks on Gaza. The World watches as kids are killed, Obama’s head (upto the ears and eyes) is probably tucked safely in Michelle’s bosom, the EU is happily enjoying their famous tea and chocolate brownie’saand when the media shifts attention to them, they are quick to castigate the attacks on Gaza by words, no action is required on their part….

Say if the tables turned, and it was Israeli kids being bombed, am pretty sure the entire world would be marching in protest, calling an end to the attack on innocent Israelis. And the rest of the World would listen, Obama would fish his head out from whatever and send drones and fighter jets and half the US Army to defend the Israeli people…

He would shed tears as he narrates how disheartening it is to watch Israeli kids, so innocent, so sweet, get killed by ‘Palestinian Terrorists’!

But these are Palestinians, Muslims, and Terrorists. They don’t negotiate with such, they bomb them and watch mutilated bodies of their children litter the streets.

My heart goes out to the people of Gaza. If i were in their position i would do exactly what they are doing:

Continue the resistance, the struggle.

Stand up tall in spite of the entire world, the (insert another befitting profane word here) Arab League especially, watching as Gaza goes up in flames.

I would throw stones at the Israeli tanks. Not that the stones would even scratch the mighty tanks but at least i will have made the statement to the entire world: Gaza is not for sale, our land will not get usurped by the Israelis, not anymore; we are willing to burn and roast in our land, but we are not letting go that easily……

And yes, i would lift my hands to Allah and pray for the departed comrades, kids, wives, sisters, mothers, fathers……pray that Allah grants them mercy and a good abode in paradise in contrast to the hell they went through in this world…..

Pray that when the bomb drops on me and my family it would find me among the doers of good, the group of those who fear Allah. The lions of this Ummah…

And when i face the Israeli executioners, terrorists, i will do so with a smile knowing that i am a winner, Gaza is a winner, and the Israelis are the cowards for attacking our children with tanks and bombs and all they got……

I am with Gaza and i choose not to remain silent to the tears, the agony of The children of another path……


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