Today i saw something quite ridiculous. A lady in high heels was crossing the road, actually cat walking as if modelling for some big shot designer thing. A pickup was approaching at an extremely high speed honking furiously; clearly, the driver was either intent on running her over or the car had no brakes

Either way, the lady had to RUN, scamper. It was quite a funny sight seeing her sprint in high heels.

But that’s beside the point.

Oh, and this morning i have seen a bunch of Bangladeshi Muslims sleeping in the mosque. They had this funny looking beds made of mosquito net….ok, a mosquito net that is customized into a bed, am not sure what they are called…aaaaah, si you know those baby things you can carry along in your mansion and your kid can sleep anyway, these men had such, only it’s been manufactured to grown up size.

I donno, they kinda looked like beet root and cucumbers in a green house. Cool, serene, totally lost in their dream world…..and i have no offence against them, sleep on Bhai!

Again, that’s beside the point.

Today i remembered my childhood, largely due to events that have been happening in the last week or so. My childhood was great, i know. I wish my kids grew up in those late 80’s and early 90’s, life was awesome.

I did have lots of memories as a kid. The one that came to my mind this morning was when a cow with long horns, very long horns ‘threw’ me into a cactus fence. I swear, it threw me, believe me.

It singled me out from a bunch of boys, maybe coz i had “baggy” ears and my teeth were haphazardly placed in my mouth. Some teeth were on top of others such that when i smiled one could make a quick count of say about 47.5 teeth; yah, the .5 is for the one that was still in the growing stage!

So this cow, i remember it was brown with desperately tiny tits (not like our Monica’s), must have hated my dental alignment, maybe my breath too!! It hooked its horns below my armpits (actually looked like i was hugging it’s horns) and in one mighty heave catapulted me into the cactus fence. While in mid air, my entire life as a boy child flashed before my eyes …..i saw the cactus and firmed my butt in readiness for the excruciating pain to come…and yes, it hurt like hell!

Kun’gu, the gentleman who owned the famous mandazi hotel in the village rescued me. Cactii was all over my body, i was a sorry sight, the ones stuck on my butt hurt even more coz getting any injury in the butt is the most embarrassing thing. My friends (they later grew up to be ganja planters!) plucked out the cactus amid stifled laughter.

If Twitter was existent then, i would have been the trending topic. I would have earned a million views on You Tube!

It got me thinking. All along in my life i have known relative peace in spite of the sporadic (nonetheless devastating) tribal clashes and post election violence etcetera that may have been the hallmark of former and even current situations.

I have never been in the line of fire, never had a sniper his rifle’s crosshirs on my chest, never been close to getting my head chopped off just coz i belong to a different tribe, race, colour, political party or religion. I thank God for that.

I believe there are many Palestinians who were born on the same day as I; some may have died while they were still young after an Israeli attack, others may have grown up only to be shot at, arrested, assassinated and buried in unmarked graves by the ruthless Zionist regime. Still others may still be alive but had to suffer the unexplainable agony of losing their mothers, infants and wives……watching the inconsolable cries of their mothers…..

Surely, that is terribly hard for them.

But as a friend of mine posted on Face Book, you and me, the free people are in more danger than the people of Gaza…….

The people i worry about most are you and me, the ones who have full fridges and warm homes and yet do little to thank Allah or come to the aid of those in need…….

Do not keep quiet about the atrocities the Israeli Defence Force are committing in Gaza. Do not remain quiet about any atrocities committed against any human being in spite of their color, race, political affiliation or religious ideologies……


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