Nyeri High: Nostalgia and Green skirts.

This post has been inspired by the unanimous feedback and galore of comments from the previous one about the bad boys of yore. Having the post in the public domain brought quite a number of comrades to comment; even some of the said bad boys (all now responsible and leaders in their own right).

Going through the memories was great, sharing experiences which up to now had not been shared with such vigor, passion and nostalgia.

Again this came at a time when we lost Father Hilary and a comrade Kahenya John (Class 1999-2002).

And it is a pleasant sight when comrades impose their nostalgia on each other, sharing good laughs and feeling years younger. The infliction of such was very welcome!

The platform brought together gentlemen of note who did time together, were victims of the kawaida bullying or just happened to be students at some point in Kavau.

But looking at where we are right now I would rightly assume that Nyeri high molded us into the individuals we are right now. Maybe it was the food we ate, the tea which as Lawrence Muchiri (fondly remebered as Wamario) aptly puts it “was nowhere resembling tea’, the late night extensions or perhaps the very air we breathed. Am not certain our little princesses in green skirts from Bishop Gatimu played any part in our molding other than being the cause of many many moist (haha) dreams (see what I did there?).

The late Father Hilary did his part in shaping crooked boys into men of substance. Men whose character, versatility, diligence, commitment and integrity has placed them in lofty positions running huge companies or holding positions of influence. People depend on them.

On his part I guess it must have been pretty hard molding boys who were hell bent on just being bad and probably on the path of self destruction due to capriciously peculiar attitudes.

I mean, it’s at that age when teens tend to think life is an option of either riding or dying! Wah, the things youth take for granted!

And it’s rather obvious that the winds of haste and change have blown each of us upon different paths.

Look at it from the aspect of the parable of the seed (Gichuki Kimani please remind us of that parable); some fell on fertile ground and sprouted to prominence in prestigious careers. Others fell on the rocky path, head first. It may have hurt a lot but they bounced back and made their life into something worthwhile. Still others fell along the roadside; most made it, others didn’t.

PS: this blogger knoweth not where he fell. He is not even sure he fell at all. At times he feels like he is just there, suspended in the air, yuko yuko tu. At other times he spreads his wings like an eagle and flies to the loftiest places from where he manages this blog!

Speaking of which the post about the bad boys brought up the aspect of comrades who never made it this far; comrades whose lives ended as Almighty God decreed. Is it that they had erred in their ways or caused mischief in the land that Almighty God decided to cease their lives? Is it that those of us still alive are perfect, beyond blemish, angelic, saintly or lucky? Not at all; death chooses not, it is the eventuality of life, a decree from the creator of All that is and ever will be. And every soul shall taste death.

And what is life other than a short journey from the womb to the tomb?

Father Hilary, Kathenya John, Titus Nderitu, Tupac (no, not the gangster rapper) and others who have preceded us before Our Creator will live to be remembered.

I came to think of all this and good thing is that WE are unified in an amazingly special way in spite of Social Media being our only tool of connection. WE are one big community connected by a common equation, the denominator being the fact that we spent our teenage years together braving the unforgiving Nyeri weather. This has left its indelible mark on all of us which sermons nostalgic memories every time a common event is mentioned.

But inasmuch as WE pride ourselves in being a huge community, let us not forget the others who are currently going through the same things we did in Nyeri High; young, ambitious boys in need of role models to look up to. Looking at the various careers destiny has chosen us for, I see a deep well of experience and ideas which can in turn be imparted to steer these young boys into responsible, informed individuals.

Say, is it possible to have an ACTIVE alumni body which can participate in the mentoring of these aspiring students?

I went through Nyeri high website the other day and I see a lot of opportunity for these boys; opportunities that WE can tap into. WE can use the site to impart life skills and career advice, experiences and life guidance.

WE can employ ways to make it interactive as we seek to pass on valuable lessons life has taught us.

Who knows, this just might be our little kind of CSR.


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