Nyeri High School Alumni Association.

Mathenge hall was packed to capacity on a particular Parent’s day in ‘97. For the new parents it was a shocking sight. For those of puritanical inclinations it was a horrific display; it was unlike what they had known Nyeri High to be, what Father Hilary had conscientiously moulded into a formidable block of good morals. They looked on, palms resting on their shins and eyes looking all woooiyee!

But for those parents who had seen it before, it was a thing of unmatched creativity, terrific entertainment and adrenaline. They adjusted their seating positions, some dragging the blue metal chairs of Mathenge Hall to get a better view.

Waithera my mother fell into the first lot! She was utterly shocked to see ‘girls’ dancing on stage coz to the best of her knowledge and other parents, Nyeri High was an exclusive Boy school.

How then did girls happen to be dancing on the stage with boys? How?

Those who understood the spectacle alerted the ones in the dark that the ‘girls’ were indeed boys in female attire. Look there, said one parent pointing to a female dancer on stage, those can only be a boy’s knees!

Actually on closer looks one could tell that the female dancer’s madiabaz were too flat and the legs too unladylike. These were definitely boys!

Later on in form 2 i joined the cultural troupe as a female dancer. In the next post i will tell you how the fake boobs (made from crumpled papers) i had ‘uploaded’ decided to ‘download’ themselves on stage much to Gusto’s chagrin.

The successful cultural troupe of ’97 was something spectacular; went all the way to the finales of the drama and cultural festival in Kakamega and clinched position 3. The dance was awesome, captivating and contagious to a point I would find myself wanting to dance to the tune even when in class, or parade!

Si you know how at times you really wanna dance to some tune but you don’t want to show it. Your internal organs do the dancing, the duodenum and pancreas and appendix and jugular vein, all of them. Your heart even pumps the blood in spurts!

It’s like when you are in a Board meeting, the presentation is so freaking boring and just like that, the voices in your head start humming funny tunes!

Tunes like Musaimo’s, Mike Rua’s and that Kanungo joint!

Hey, or even Opa Gangnam Style, Then all your internal organs start waltzing around to the rhythm of all these tunes.

Oh but allow me to disappoint you kiasi, I wanna rockaway with you today on this post but I won’t; I got some serious business to handle with you, specifically old boys of Nyeri High.

Urrrgh, old boys sounds so mean, it’s like am referring to some really old men whiling away their time in shelters, playing draft and living on the grace and whims of charitable organizations. Am sure you guys are nothing like this, am even sure you will age gracefully, like good old Wole Soyinka!

Alumni has a more intellectual twist to it; makes one feel respected, valued and honored. While being called an old boy may motivate you to come for a convened meeting in gumboots and farm clothes, alumni will sermon the fashion guru in you and man you will show up dressed like something out of a fashion magazine, no?

If an alumnus meeting is called you are pretty certain great minds will be in attendance, you will be dining with respectable gentlemen who discuss great ideas, who know how to use serviettes and probably wear tuxedos!

Allow me to introduce to you two of such gentlemen who sound like they rock in tuxedos; Andrew Karuga and Roy Kamenju.

They are an integral and responsible part of the existing Nyeri High School Alumni Association. Andrew is the Chairman, the head honcho, the Don while Roy is the convener and Sheriff of the Membership team.

Andrew is the man you go to if you have a proposal for a project you would love the Alumni to undertake (or an adversary you wish to eliminate!!). On the other hand, Roy is the guy to see if you want to become a bonafide member and a permanent fixture in the goat eating events we may be planning soon.

Roy also sounds like the kinda guy who would help a shy comrade procure a wife…am just saying!

Now guys, these two gentlemen and a whole bunch of other like-minded former students of Kavau have revived the Alumni (a round of applause please)and being an old student of Kavau automatically qualifies you to be a member. No need of sending the name MEMBER to some USSD code and eish!

I have the minutes of the meeting they held in March this year and one thing I can tell you is that they have big plans for the alumnus and Kavau in general. Take for instance the swimming pool plan, which is the biggest plan so far. This is a project worth supporting and funding. Other plans in the offing include (as stated in Agenda 6 of the minutes):

  • Participate in or Organize prize giving events.
  • Target old boys leaving university and offer soft landing to them.
  • Support the school associations and sports activities e.g. Donate hockey sticks, books, Scouting events
  • Organize Motivational / Yearly look back talks and activities like painting of Dormitories
  • Benchmark with other alumni associations e.g. Alliance H. Sch, Starehe Boys centre

Currently the most important thing is to build a database of all members and at the same time use available media and word of mouth to notify others about the Alumni.

Guys, there is strength in numbers. Together we can see these and more plans to fruition.

Roy Kamenju’s number is 0721 346 981.


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