Nyeri High & Strathmore Alumni Fund (NHSAF) / NHS Old Boys Association‏

In my previous post on NHS Alumni i expressed the need to call in the entire bunch of former Nyeri High School students, old boys they call us. I believe we all share a common goal and agenda of giving back to our former school and community at large.

We have had instances where former students have visited the school and the administartion offers them a chance to address the students. This is great, shows how much the alumni is appreciated and to what extent the school needs our experience in form of talks to motivate the students.

Together as The Nyeri High School Alumni we can accomplish this and greater things; for instance the swimming pool project. We could also do our thing on the designated career days and other such events.

I have gone through the NHS website (good news am not in the hall of shame for my dismal performance in finding x!)and i see it as an opportune interaction platform with students and administration.

Below are Minutes in regards to the subject matter NHSAF as sent to me by comrade Roy rkamenju@gmail.com. He is the one charged with membership issues of the Alumni, his number is 0721 346 981.

3rd March 2013

Old Boys Meeting



  1. Mr. Peter Kwenjera 1997
  2. Mr. Gerald Njugi 2006
  3. Mr. Alexander Macharia 2007
  4. Mr.Roy Kamenju 2005


Min 1-3-13

We reviewed the known Nyeri High Old Boys Groups.


We identified three namely Mr. Kwenjera’s, Mr. Andrew Karuga’s and Mr. John Kirugumi’s.


Mr. Kwenjera was given the job to get into contact with the other two groups and see how we can join hands. He also briefed us on the success of his Nyeri High- Strathmore University Education Fund.


Min 2-3-13

It was felt the old boys groups need to come together and operate under a common structure.

It was suggested that we pursue the option of the old boys association being registered as a society. Roy would draft a constitution to be floated to the old boys.


Min 3-3-13

In the mean time, Mr. Kwenjera will organise a meeting with the group of old boys students at Strathmore University. The purpose of the meeting will be to do a S.W.O.T. ( Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) analysis of our school. This feedback will guide us in planning.


Mr. Kwenjera will also talk to Mrs. Wanjohi over Careers day at Nyeri High School in which interested old boys could attend.


Min 4-3-13

Mr. Macharia to work on a website for the Alumni.


Meeeting closed at 7.10 p.m. having started at 6.00 p.m.


Roy Kagure.


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