Love and Coffee, No sugar Please!

The sunrise peeked at her behind families of salient clouds; it looked lovely from the massive window of their simple but well designed house. It was her idea to have it all natural; stone floors for the drawing room, Tiles on the kitchen floor, Oak in their bedroom and study room. It was well lit facing the sunrise as it appeared gradually from the distant hills. The breeze was amazing, felt great on her face and it smelt awesome, like love, their love.

She let the drapes caress her gently as she stood there, arms crossed as if shielding her body from an invisible enemy; or hugging herself to keep her heart from falling out of its place as a result of the unfathomable bliss and best thing to ever happen to her, HIM!

The drapes seem to flap to an intelligible tune, she hummed her favourite love song; they swung more gracefully and elegantly to it. This made her smile, love made her smile, he made her smile!

Theirs was no extra ordinary love, just two souls whose destinies were intertwined in a most imperceptible way and joined in everlasting bliss over a double Americano in a single cup.

Some freakingly bitter, conc stuff right there. He called it yummy, she called it a drink from hell!

That’s the way he loved his coffee; black, conc and with no sugar.

It just seemed like yesterday when they met, yet it was 3 years already. Time really does fly on the wings of haste, she mused.

By then she was just a bubbly twenty something year old urban girl trying to make ends meet by working at a famous coffee place in town. She had to work during the day and attend Mass Communication classes in the evening; she performed both tasks with the precision of someone who knew what they wanted in life.

Well, she did have some of those days when her body went on a go slow or outright refused to be cheerful. Those days her boss kept a very close eye on her, fighting very hard from voicing obscenities at her for her impassive remoteness. On other days she was an excellent employee, everyone’s favourite but on some days, hell to the no!

They met on one of her less cheer more stolid days when her eyes wore that am-damn-freaking-bonkers-tired-and-need-a-century-off kind of day. He ordered his regular double Americano; she delivered it with a big bang almost spilling some on his open ipad.

Without a word or even cussing obscenities at her he smiled, moved his ipad and continued typing.

Uuum, my boss is a real prick, you know!”

He smiled again, looked past her and waved at her boss who was obviously furious for the terrible customer service on her part.

What was this guy and smiles, she wondered. He might as well be called hanky smiley in a Colgate Herbal Ad!

Well, it has nothing to do with anything but he really is a prick!”

Indeed,” he smiled again, “everyone seems to think my brother is a prick!”

Her eyes widened in shock. “Tony is your effing brother??!” she covered her mouth at the spontaneous curse. He didn’t seem to mind.

Am terribly sorry,” she muttered, “for the coffee spill and all……and your brother too!”

The flashback made her smile as she relished all those wonderful memories which culminated in her being in his arms and life.. She glanced at him, sprawled on the bed deep asleep. He was a heavy sleeper this one, prone to burning the mid night oil literally penning his next blog article or chapter for his upcoming book.

Initially she complained a lot about him valuing his writings over her, spending more time with his books and blogs and very little with her. He had held her face with those slender fingers of his and told her how much he loved her and how his books would never come between them. He meant every word, she however knew that he had a sentimental attachment to his writing and she just nodded earnestly trying to untangle the threads of his explanation or justification of writing being his first love.

Yet here they were, years down the line and he was just about to publish his first book. She had supported him all the way and had gladly agreed to share him with his other wife, writing. It had paid off and now he was living his dream.

And she was in turn living hers, being by his side and loving every bit of it. Love could be such an amazing thing when you fell in love with the right person. Ok, there is no right person out there, she always said, just a bunch of unmatched pieces which you had to put together and create a loveable thing out of the entire mess.

That’s what she had done, turned this Americano loving, wanderlust, book freak into a wonderful lump of a perfect husband. To her, this was her biggest accomplishment. Haha, wait till some gold digging lady came along trying to steal her man from her, she would peel her like a tomato!

The thought gladdened her heart, peeling someone like a tomato sounded like something she would do!


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