Time on the Wings of Haste.

Life is a journey, a slightly complicated and dramatic coffee break where you move on after your time is up. The question would be; What did you do over the coffee break?
A wholesome life is about travelling light; why do we hold on to a hurtful past, pent up emotions and fail to forgive those who either forgive or wrong us?

Is life really worth walking with all that excess baggage?

Contentment and gratitude is a rare commodity, we have taken to wanting more and more, always in a state of perpetual greed. We get a million today and want an extra one tomorrow. We lose that one million and there goes our gratitude; lamentations and cursing take its place faster than the snap of a finger.

Welcome to the world of want and world of need; both aspects of the same entity but ever so diverse in meaning and content.

World of want, world of reckless abandon and moral decadence. Man eat man society, survival for and of the fittest. Not a world for the faint hearted, you have to be a dragon slayer to make it here; slay friendships, family, relations and all common good in pursuit of that one thing that’s the object of your desire.

You get it but again it doesn’t give you the satisfaction you thought it would. You think of all the bridges you have burnt to get it and it’s no longer worth it. You question your ethics and instead of correcting yourself you put the blame on Life……

How will you ever win back the family and friends you slay to get here? Will they be forgiving and commodious enough to welcome you back, for man is to err and vice versa?

That’s when you realise the fallacy of this life…
The treachery of this world…….

The whims and desires that never get us really contented, only takes us on a crazy roller coaster ride to wherever, sort of a hand basket to hell and a miserable life.

Will there be a way to turn back the hands of time to undo our wrongs?

And when you come to think of time, it really does ride on the wings of haste. Seems like yesterday we were just innocent kids, completely oblivious of the treachery, corruption and evil that make up this life. Unsuspecting of the conniving wolves in sheepskins lurking at every dark alley, waiting to yank our innocence from us and replace it with fear, anger, hate, malice…..

Now that we are all grown up with kids and other individuals who look up to us for guidance and a shoulder to lean on, will we easily forget where we came from?

Is it so easy to not appreciate what we went through to get us here, the sacrifices we made, the million steps we took in the right direction albeit to make something meaningful out of our lives?

The many steps we took in the wrong direction to, only to end up learning and growing from the mistakes we made?

But where did we go wrong? Why is our generation so deprived of good morals? Why is there so much polarity and profiling along religious, racial and class lines?

Why is it we are rotting from the head like trees? Is it Perhaps because in spite of being such big trees we failed to borrow a leaf from the heroes of old, the Madibas of previous generations who forgave and forget, gave without expecting anything in return, slept with a clear mind that they wronged nobody, did not take the rights of others for granted……on a clear conscience that they become better beings with every sunrise?

Do we appreciate the bond of family, the smiles of kids who we seek to protect and mentor to responsible adults in future?

Lest we forget, time rides on the wings of haste. Do what you can today, and before the fiery fireball heads westwards to give way to the luminous moon to rule the dark skies, forgive and forget and be a better person than you were at sunrise……..


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