Turn Your lights Down Low…..

Turn your lights down low, celebrate our union in the flickering shadows cast by the candle light; between two souls, matched in heaven a million and three lifetimes ago, joined together in earth, everlasting bliss and a bed of soft, lovely Jasmine hearts.

You make me rich coz you have given me everything; your smile, your heart, your life….lots of drama too! You know what they say, you can never truly be rich until you have something that money can’t buy…i have you; your loyalty, commitment and love are priceless.

Turn your lights down low, peek behind the drapes, and take in the untainted night breeze. Close your eyes and savour the moment; every breath you take, i will be right there next to you counting the moments that will take our breath away…….

And if i was a red red rose swinging to the rhythm of the callous night breeze, wanting to elope with the fleeting pleasures of the starry night, i would fight, i would hold on, i would give up giving in to the charming moonlight, i would wait for you to whisk me away, petals and all…..

Whisk me away to your world, our world…….a world with bright yellow flowers and long, ticklish grass and smiley mushrooms, ladybirds and daffodils.

…and love riding on the breeze.

Turn your lights down low, walk with me on the shore, hands held together encapsulating a cute love story, lie on the sandy beach and stare into the night sky, calm and sleepy tucked into eternity……right there, did you see it?…..a reflection…..

A reflection of you and me, forever in love, here and hereafter!


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