The years just fly by…

Not that i recall anything from my infant days but the observers, mainly my family related tales to me of how i used to act out my infancy. I kind of feel a bit short changed coz my theatrics really deserved a Grammy.

They narrated tales of how i disliked food and they had to feed me the hard way, which was the only way…forcefully while closing my nose such that i had to open my mouth wide for air. The moment i did that, whoever was feeding me would shove in a voluminous amount of porridge which would bubble as it went down my protesting throat.

How i loved our cat Janet, and the many hours i would spend under the granary combing down its grey fur with my tiny hands, or follow it to the maize plantation even when she was answering a call of nature.

Janet must have been utterly pissed off and resentful of my terrible lack of manners.

She died after drowning in a water tank on a rainy night. I suspected foul play!

Years dragged on and i turned into a little school going boy, the only boy in my village attending private school back then; this meant that among all the school going boys i was the only one with a pair of shoes and pressed khaki pants, a fancy bag and cute pens and rubbers.

Then one day as i was heading back from school, i got stuck while crossing the muddy valley which was the only way home. I thought i was gonna sink and die so i yanked my leg from the sticky mud inspite of my frail self and in the process left one of my shoes, a safari boot, inside.

A good lady who saw my struggle removed the shoe and brought it home later.

Years later when i was in high school, the same lady saw me and after saying hi asked whether i could remember her. I said no. She reminded me of that day and i couldn’t help but marvel at the passage of years……

Then the freedom after high school when one feels on top of the world. We did all crazy stuff we thought was cool; weed, booze….

Loud music, parties……

Ear piercings, sagging jeans…..

Our twenties caught up with us and we had to do something worthwhile with our lives, like join campus or college. The future looked more real and it was obvious that we were ultimately expected to mutate into something better than out teenage years…..

Now, the period between clearing college and hitting thirty goes so freaking fast while you are busy securing internship/employment, settling in, putting your life in order and stuff like that. You rarely get enough time to taste or smell every year as it passes. All you get is a whiff of years flying on the wings of haste.

Then there is this girl who your mum thinks is 100% daughter-in-law material, your ideal woman. Someone who would gladly entertain your crap for the next 40 or so years without complaining. The lady who would probably be your better half, the sane half in the relationship. It hits you that perhaps it’s indeed high time you got hitched and got your mum a bunch of grandkids…..

At 30 you are like a rocket midway through launch; first the years just go by gradually then all of a sudden they shoot up and you find yourself close to 40.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
― Albert Einstein

The only way you can perceive issues is by looking forward, anticipating the inevitable; 40 is just a few miles away, fatherhood, self development, career changes, more responsibilities, retirement…..

40 means alot of things, or very few depending on your perception. For one you no longer have the agility you had while at 20. Second, your mind is more settled and you can be depended on to make responsible decisions without the hastiness of youth. There is a sophisticated permenence in your thoughts and decisions.

You look back and wonder why the hell you did the things you did in your teenage years and early twenties. They no longer make any sense. You see teens in sagging pants and you just want to whip them into wearing them properly. You want to yank off the studs they have in their ears coz you consider it inappropriate….

Your high school alumni has you on speed dial, you love doing motivation and career talks to the students. You want them to master their destiny while they are still young, to make mature decisions that will catapult them into a life of self dependence and service to the community.

From then on years just continue taking their toll. Woe unto those who never realize what the true purpose of life is……

That’s when you realise that this world is not your home, we are all passing through, more like a coffee break after which we move on……

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
― William W. Purkey


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