Gangs of Mombasa Part 2: Costa and the Naija boys.

The black, monster SUV belonged to the Italian mob.

Costa connected the dots and realised that the bleeding viper, Seif, had probably short changed the Italian mob. These were totally ruthless crooks that would kill anyone who went against them. He of all people knew what they were capable of. He had dealt with them since the Late head of the mob, Giancarlo Rossi had ‘discovered’ him thriving in the streets and clubs of Mombasa as a ‘debt collector’.

Seif would be a dead man in a few moments. That was pretty much certain. He had seen on numerous occasions witnessed how the mob dealt with their enemies, ways that made the Japanese Yakuza’s torture methods look like Kindergarten play.

There was this one time, almost a decade back while he was still a hardcore street brawler when old man Giancarlo required him to carry out a debt collection errand for him. The debtor was a Naija fellow called Obi, an Ivory smuggler notorious for visiting strip clubs and casinos.

Obi owed the old man quite an amount, around $10,000; the debt was supposed to be paid months back but the Naija boy in his flamboyance and you-can’t-do-nothing-to-me attitude had decided not to pay it on time.
For every debt he collected, Giancarlo gave him a ten percent cut.

Costa knew Obi’s hangouts very well. He traced him to a famous club in Mtwapa, the sin city of Mombasa. The body guards at the club knew Costa very well so they let him in without frisking him. They even told him that Obi and his Naija boys had reserved the VIP section of the club for themselves. How many boys, he enquired. Four, one of the body guards said. Together with Obi they were five. Five Naija loud mouths and a troupe of strippers. Costa nodded and headed to the VIP section.

Obi was seated on an oval crimson couch with a table full of assorted expensive wine bottles. These Naija boys were notorious in spending the money, he mused. All talk, money and nothing else! He smiled.

Obi was smoking on a thick cigar with a cloud of smoke all over him. Costa strode fearlessly towards him, hands in the back pockets of his jeans, and stood at the edge of the table facing the rotund Obi. He observed that the man had grown quite huge in the last couple of months, he would probably die of cardiac arrest someday…..

Wow, what a suprise!” Obi boomed, offering a huge faux smile. “Ladies and gentlemen!” he called out to his audience. They all stopped to listen to their boss.

Look oh, it is Giancarlo’s errand boy!” he laughed loudly. Only his Naija boys laughed with him, the strippers were quite familiar with Costa and Giancarlo.

Costa remained silent.

What is it this time?” Obi queried, “or have you grown tired of scratching Giancarlo’s withered balls?” again he laughed loudly, his belly bouncing wildly.

And now you want to try your hand scratching some real African jewels!”

Costa smiled. “You owe Giancarlo quite a sum. Am here to collect.” He said with no trace of anger or fear.
So go ahead and collect!” Obi answered rudely. “I tell you what, oh, why don’t you come take your old man’s money right here in my pants!” this he said while pointing to his scrotch.

Whatever happened next caught everyone by suprise. From where he was, Costa jumped over the table and jammed his right boot right into Obi’s crotch. The man scream out in pain. One of the four Naija boys on Obi’s left side grabbed a half empty wine bottle from the table and swung it viciously at Costa’s head. He ducked and the drunk Nija boy tumbled over. He silenced him with a hard kick in his temple and sent him to sleep immediately.
Another one lurched at him hoping to floor him with his burly physique. Costa side stepped him and drove a well aimed Karate chop right into his wind pipe; he fell on the couch grasping for breath.

He jammed his boot again into Obi’s crotch almost busting the bean bags. He was almost in tears, now begging.

From his sock, Costa pulled out a screw driver and jammed it into his shoulder. Obi was now in unfathomable pain. The two remaining Naija boys just watched the spectacle, mesmerised and full of fear.

Now.” Said Costa as he screwed the device further into Obi’s flesh, “let’s get a few things clear, Oga!”

One, i am not an errand boy. I’m a debt collector. Two (squeezing his boot more into his crotch) you owe Giancarlo alot of money and you must pay up……right now!”

Obi just winced, nodding his head frantically.

The old man wants to see you. He will chop off your African jewels and feed them to his dogs. You must come with me.” Costa said as he dragged the huge man by the jammed screw driver.

When they got to the meeting point with Giancarlo, the Italian mob took over. He got his ten percent in less than 24 hours and the next time he saw Obi was at the airport departure lounge three days later in terrible condition.

The Italians had done a serious number on him for sure.

And now he looked back at the bleeding Seif, his fate would probably be worse since Giancarlo’s son was a beast. He lacked his father’s patience and calculating disposition and did things depending on how his mood was at that moment.

Costa pulled a towel from his Gym bag and passed it on to Seif, instructing him to apply pressure on his wound. Seif muttered a thank you and did as he was told.

The black SUV was still approaching them. He knew what would happen if they rolled down the windows once they got within a few metres of his car.

He had no business saving Seif considering the kind of history they had. At the moment Chidi was gunned down, reliable sources whispered to Costa that Seif had given him up to the Italian mob as a way to wipe off a debt he had with Giancarlo’s first son, Anichino who was now heading the family.

Anichino, or as his father used to call him Nichi, and Costa were almost age mates and grew up together since Giancarlo took Costa in. He treated him like a son coz in his Mafioso wisdom he saw a particular quality in Costa that was lacking in Anichino; tenacity that bordered on patience. Costa never showed his emotions and his loyalty was unrivalled.

Nichi on the other hand took a lot of things for granted and was prone to make extremely unwise decisions. Over time, he got jealous of Costa which led to some kind of animosity which culminated after Chidi’s death.

Now he was certain Nichi was in the black SUV. He had to be, the boy never shied away from some blood shed. He however wasn’t sure whether Nichi knew that the car Seif had hopped into was Costa’s,it had been almost a decade since they last met.

Then a thought which made him shiver struck him…..

How did Seif find him? How did he know that he would be around this area which by quick calculation was miles away from the Italian mob’s territory? Was this some sort of bloody payback Seif had conjured up in his little messed up brain?

….to be continued in part 3……..


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