Gangs of Mombasa Part 3: The Package.

continued from part 2 here. Find part 1 here.
Costa was never one to use fire arms. Either way he always kept a loaded gun under the driver’s seat in case of extreme circumstances which required more than just his expansive martial arts technique.

He eased the car away as the black SUV followed stealthily. Speed wise, he knew his Ford salon car was no match for the SUV but he needed some time to think as he drove away.

He maintained normal speed so as not to arouse any suspicion from the traffic cops just near the roundabout, carefully watching the SUV tailing them. Its tinted windows were still up.

What’s the worst that could happen? He mused, blowing me up with an RPG?

That would be quite a mind blowing death, he mused!

He had to think fast. Survival always hinged on a well thought out and calculated plan.

Circumstance now forced him to replace the good boy gear with the bad ass ultimate assassin attitude that saw him through numerous near death experiences in the past.

Would a situation like this, a Mafia SUV tailing him, count as a near death experience? Well, he thought, if they blow me up with an RPG then that would indeed be a deadly experience!

Then right after the roundabout as he headed out of the Central Business District, his thought process was interrupted by something against his head, cold as the snout of a grizzly bear. He did not need to look back to know what it was, Seif was pointing a semi-automatic at the back of his head. Damn the viper, he should have forced him out of the car the very instance he jumped in.

You are getting sloppy, Crazy Cat Dee, he castigated himself, very bloody sloppy!

Drive!” he barked.

Costa glanced at Seif’s contorted reflection in the driving mirror and what he saw was fear; that was not the look of a killer or would be assassin. He stilled himself and accelerated slightly while shifting his look from the bleeding Seif to the SUV a few meters back.

What’s with you Seif, are you crazy?” Costa hissed.

Shut up and drive!” he ordered while glancing back to check how far the SUV was. The white towel was now soaked in blood.

He maneuvered a corner slowly and headed towards Nyali bridge. Switching his left hand to the steering, he dropped his right under the seat to feel the stiff barrel of his gun; for some reason he felt comforted. He recalled the many times this gun had been his only companion and savior.

The numerous occasions a quick press on the trigger was all that separated him from imminent death.

Seif was shaking, he was pretty certain of that considering the amount of blood he had lost. He wouldn’t hold on to the gun for long. With one hand pressing on the wound and the other holding the gun unsteadily, Costa knew he could easily take him out with one just well calculated move. But again, you never know, the fool might just pull the trigger accidentally with his shivering fingers.

That was the kind of death he had envisioned!

He was also very curious to know why it had come to this.

Why this, Seif? Why now after so many years?” he asked calmly. Giancarlo had counseled him years back that while negotiating with a gun pointed at your head, the best way was the humble resort; flares of anger could easily lead to an unexpected shot.

The black SUV was still keeping a safe distance. What were they really up to? Costa wondered.

Seif remained quiet.

By the look of things, the man was in terrible pain. Costa knew his hand would be numb in just a few moments and he would be forced to either drop the gun or if he possessed any special technique hold it with his toe nails!

In spite of the predicament, he smiled.

Then a thought struck him; why would the Italian shoot Seif and let him go? That was unlike the script book they operated by coz their policy was shoot to kill, not to waste bullets. Bullets cost money, they didn’t grow on trees; this was a favorite maxim among the Roman gangs!

The move to have Seif jump into his car at that very moment had been impeccably calculated. They knew how and where to get him which could only mean one thing – the mob wanted something from him and the best way they could get it, unfortunately, was by using the bleeding snitch, Seif.

You know it’s best if we get to you to hospital,” he said, glancing at Seif’s reflection on the mirror. “Or else you will bleed to death!”

Seif remained quiet again, but this time he lowered his weapon. Costa knew that he could still take Seif out by simply slamming on the brakes and knocking the living daylight out of him as he lurched towards the dashboard.

A quick dispatch to the afterlife!

But that would not sort out the impending mystery of a bleeding viper with a loaded gun and an assassin’s SUV tailing him.

Listen, Seif,” he said matter-of-factly, “you better say what you want right now or you just might as well shoot me and get over with it!”
Nichi says you have a package that belongs to him,” Seif answered, coughing up some blood, “he has sent me to collect it!”
Ha! The man is quite a character, sends you to do his collection with lead pumped into your body?”

Seif grimaced.

Well, you collect, and then what, you walk away scot free to lick your wounds, is that what you think?”

Anyway, what is it that you want to collect from me, Seif?”
Nichi……” he took a deep breath as he applied pressure to the wound, “Nichi says it’s a package you have held away from him for more than a decade!”

At the mention of that, Costa stilled himself not to slam on the brakes, more due to anger than shock. Seif studied him carefully trying to judge by the reaction what the package might be.

The damned bastard!” Costa sighed under his breath.
Listen man,” Seif said, clenching his teeth, “I don’t give a rat’s ass whatever you two love birds owe each other, I just want Lisa back!”

Costa shot him a shocked look.

They got Lisa?” he queried.

Lisa was Seif’s daughter, age mates with his daughter Laurie.

The hell they do man!” Costa shouted, “All because of you and your sour romance with the freaking Italians.”

He sighed and fixed his gaze on the tarmac ahead. Now everything made sense, this had been a long time coming. Giancarlo had prepared him for this day.

I know we have our differences, Costa,” Seif said quietly, “It was not my choice to drag you through this.”

Costa said nothing, he was clutching the steering so hard that had it been made of softer material he could have easily crushed it between his palms.

Our daughters are age mates,” Seif added, throwing the gun on the seat.
I mean, Laurie is like my daughter. Whatever I would do for Lisa I would do for her.”
Where are you heading with this?” Costa queried.
Am sorry Costa, am really sorry.” Seif said, almost regretfully.
What the hell are you talking about man?” Costa’s heart was now racing.
I heard Nichi ordering his men to station themselves outside Laurie’s school…..”

Without warning Costa span his Ford salon car and switched lanes so fast that Seif was thrown hard against the door. Furious and stunned drivers honked at him as he stepped out of the car, gun in hand and opened the back door. A helpless Seif spilled out still clutching his wound.

The black SUV approached them fast and the windows rolled down……….



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    • Thank you. Getting a thumbs from you, a great writer in your own right is really something to me…’s like a Grammy nomination 🙂 thanks once again. And say, how does one get to participate in the short stories club? I like their theme for the month of Feb.

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