Celebrating David Mulwa @ 70 1st July 2015

It’s a very honorable idea, celebrating the creative life of this great man, David Mulwa. Having met him several times a few years back, my only regret is that i never sought a seating with him.
Everytime i wanted to he would call out in his distinctively strong voice- at times at a black puppy he had and other times, most times actually, for the music to be turned down…… and i would freak out! Not to say he is a harsh man, no. He is a wonderful man and i bet if i had asked for a seating to discuss creative writing with him he would have graciously granted it….and i would have learnt alot from him.

I celebrate David K. Mulwa’s creative life.


David Kakuta Mulwa has made a tremendous contribution to our society as a teacher, thespian, writer and mentor in a career spanning 50 years. He has 19 books to his name, and has appeared in over 50 films and TV programmes, and made over 200 educational radio programmes.

On 1st July, we will be celebrating him in an event dubbed David Mulwa @ 70, A Celebration, at Alliance Francaise, Nairobi on 1st July 2015 from 6 pm. Entry is free and open to the public.

The event will be moderated and co-hosted by renowned thespian and playwright John Sibi-Okumu, who worked with Mulwa in the inaugural production of Joe de Graft’s Muntu which subsequently became a high school set book for many years.

David Mulwa @ 70

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