My most #Cherished object: A Pen

The Cherished BlogFest is an initiative led by spectacular writers and bloggers among whom am familiar with the works of two o them and i have been following their blogs keenly- Peter Nena, who writes the most terrifying horror stories and Damyanti Gosh whose passion for the written word is just spectacular.

Am actually running late on this post, Damyanti had to send me a stern reminder which i really appreciated coz i feel there is so much to gain from the Linky List with other bloggers and writers participating in the #Cherished blogfest.

Choosing a most cherished item from a huge list is not easy, but here goes. My Most #Cherished item is a pen. The image on my blog header is actually a pen πŸ™‚

Someone might wonder why something as simple and mundane as a pen would pass as most cherished.

My reason is quite simple. Since i was little and my mother introduced me to the world of books, i have always been fascinated with the way any author manipulates simple, common-place words into amazing works of literature read globally.

I used to see how mum was always engrossed in the books she was reading. I marveled at the power of the one who held the pen to write down such mesmerizing words that would hold mum, and any other reader for that matter, hostage until they finish the book.

And as was always the case, one would put down one beautiful book and another equally tantalizing one would take its place.

For me, i appreciated, in a way, the way the pen was used to achieve this goal. I felt that it was one of the strongest weapon to ever fall into the hands of men; a weapon that changed the course of history and human thinking without shedding a single drop of blood.

Ever since i started writing, i never lack a pen wherever i go; and if for some reason i do, i end up feeling like am missing out on the most important thing in my itinerary and tools of trade. Somehow, every time i have a pen in my hand i ultimately write something; and this has gone a long way to assisting me become the writer i am today.

That’s my most #Cherished item. What’s yours?


14 thoughts on “My most #Cherished object: A Pen

  1. A pen is a wonderful choice. I often thought about going back to the fountain pens because they slow you down and encourage a more careful script. That has always been my problem with pens, I cannot read my own writing.

    • Awesome. I feel great when writing with a fountain pen……it’s ‘Shakespeare-ish’ though my ideas seem to disappear a lot due to the slow, almost scratchy speed!! Thanks or reading man, Loving your blog too!

  2. I have a love affair with the pen as well– always wrote long letters back home, and now I write my first drafts with a pen.

    Thanks for the post, and for taking part, Abu. I’m sorry I had to send you a reminder– because the list would remain live for the coming months, and we only wanted participant blogs to remain in it.

    Hope you would enjoy visiting and making friends with others on the Cherished list.

  3. Ha, nothing beats writing a first drat with a pen- epic!! The reminder was perfectly fine and i really appreciated it. The Cherished List has some really wonderful bloggers and am already enjoying their work.

  4. “Ever since i started writing, i never lack a pen wherever i go; and if for some reason i do, i end up feeling like am missing out on the most important thing”.
    I could have written that! Thanks for your post. I too, was late putting my entry in.

  5. ABUAMIRAH thanks for joining the blog fest and sharing. I like your choice of cherished item. I am slowly working my way through the linky list and enjoying the experience. I am glad I stopped by.

  6. A wonderful choice! Even when I go on holidays and vacation I always have a pen and paper for writing down thoughts, ideas, doodling. I am so pleased to meet you and thank you for visitng my blog!

    • Thanks for visiting mine too and i appreciate the comment. A pen is a wonderful thing. Am glad to have come across these wonderful blogs in the linkys list……am really enjoying visiting every one of them!!

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