Splinters of a broken heart

“Sandra!” Patrick was already going down on one knee, holding her hand.

Time stopped. Everything stood still. The waiters froze, trays balanced on their palms. A cold breeze casually strode into the restaurant and whistled in surprise.

“Yes dear!” Sandra answered, breathing heavily. Her heart beat like a dozen Aborigine drums.

“Will you marry me?” Patrick looked up into her pretty eyes which shone back at him unrelentingly. He expected to see some tears there. There were none.

“Yes I will, Patrick!” she said between sobs. Life trickled back into everyone and there was a round of applause as he slipped an elegant ring on her slender finger. Time picked up pace and moved on as if whatever had happened was non consequential. The cold breeze, perhaps disappointed that she did not say no, left hurriedly through another window.

A few minutes after the excitement had died down and Patrick, relishing the moment beaming with joy and pride while swinging a glass of wine in his right hand, she leant forward and whispered into his ear…

“Just for the records, I do not wish to marry you. I said yes to save you from embarrassment!” she slid the ring from her finger and passed it over to him.

The whisper tore through his ear like a vengeful Tornado completely shattering his ability to find a conclusive response.

“I love you, it’s true but is there anything in that?

I loved baked potatoes and cheese,

Nice, ripe, red tomatoes and salad cream.

But does that mean anything?

Our tastes change and then infatuation…….

Boredom sets in

And I must try something new.

But I love you and I loved Curly Wurlys,

Mars Bars and fry’s, Turkish Delight.

Now my sweet tooth is dead.

I love you it’s true, but is there anything in that?”

[I love you it’s true by Carole Stewart]

Photo Credit: Google Images.


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