Love Me Tender

It was not just her smile that amazed him, it was her words and how she uttered them. They came in small gentle waves, each singularly more graceful than the last.

“Life would be unbearable without you,” she said, tracing his jawline with a slender finger.

“I don’t know what I would do without you,” he said, reaching out to hold and caress her petal soft hand. He kissed her gently, stopping for just a moment to feel his heart flutter in delight. It felt like a dozen Dandelion petals on a breezy Saturday morning.

“Then come with me, my love,” she begged, a lone tear forming in her beautiful doe eyes. It always broke his heart to see her cry. She jumped into the water, flipped her sky blue tail fin and emerged again- her long, jet black hair clinging to her flawless face for dear life.

“Come with me!”

Photo Credits: Google Images.


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