Thee Absentee Bride

Madam was over herself with joy. Finally, the day had come when she would see her favorite son bring his prospective bride home. She had already planned a lot for her future daughter in law- weekend cook outs in her backyard, knitting cardigans and baby socks, shopping together in the market; she would show her off proudly to her friends and introduce her as the mother of her grandchildren.

“I feel so very blessed right now!” Madam told her husband. He just nodded and fetched a cigarette which he stuck between his ashen lips, eyeing his wife curiously.

Three quick, gentle taps on the door, “Mama, we are home!”

“That’s them!” she said, rushing to open the door.

“Hello Mama,” he kissed her on the cheek. He had the widest smile Madam had ever seen on him.

“Hello darling,” Madam answered, looking right then left as if she was about to sprint across the yard.

“Mama, meet my wife to be, Mwanahamisi,” he said. “Baibe, this is my mother,” he smiled and looked to his right side.

Madam stared at him, studying his face to see whether a joke was lurking behind those radiant eyes.

“I have her eyes, right?” he asked, tapping something on his elbow. Madam studied him more keenly. An interminable bout of silence sat between them like a spoilt, defiant child. His father, alarmed by Madam’s unusual silence approached them.

“Hello Dad,” he greeted with a smile. “This is the girl I told you about, the one who has stolen this heart of mine!”

His father stared at him then at his right side and his shocked gaze ultimately settled on the shock registered on Madam’s face. His cigarette dropped from his lips, making a soundless thud on the tiled floor.

It was true, he mused. His son indeed had made the journey to the deep seas.

Photo credit: Google Images


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