Generation gap.

He loved her. I swear he did.

She adored him, I can’t swear on this but she said she did.

He sent her a girly birthday gift. She texted him

Aki denks!

It meant thanks a lot!

It was mid morning and he was at his work place preparing for a presentation. The word baffled him. He google searched it.


Another text came.


He scratched his head. The last she explained that xoxo meant hugs and kisses. He just couldn’t tell the hugs from the kisses! Ok, maybe the O was the kiss, a kiss with the mouth wide open. A zombie kiss!

It’s like a hug and a kiss, duh! Hello! LMAO. She had explained.

He presumed that LMAO was a way of saying ‘Imagine’ but try as he might he couldn’t establish a plausible connection between Imagine and the preceding sentence. There was nothing to imagine here, nothing.

And that was not all. She used to send him funny text messages which after a lot of deciphering realized that she replaced the letter C with X!


Her way of saying good morning. Sounded like the name of a Mexican witch-doctor in the era 270 B.C.


Howdy? What’s up? But she made it sound like the name of a prescription drug in a Psychiatric facility.

There was this time he sent her a very clear text message; Hello Gorgeous. How are your parents doing?

She texted back; Poaz,bae. Dey r doin gr8t.WBU?xoxo!

More confusion.

He desisted from texting back that he didn’t understand a word in that message, but he shunned the idea. The last time he did, she sent back a series of Emoticons which he assumed were supposed to mean something.

She complained that he texted like a geek. Who even puts ‘however’ and ‘notwithstanding’ in a text message?

He wanted to raise his hand and say; I do, because my grammar teacher taught me the correct use of language. Nevertheless, I rest my case; this generation gap is too wide it makes me feel like we are in a long distance relationship!



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