Three (fold).

I know she loves me the same way i love her, he thought while stealing a glance at her. But him on the other hand unlike her, loves me in a different way-tough love! I think he cares and adores me though he pretends not to; i have seen the look of concern on his face every time I make a slight, unusual sound.

And I can never seem to get enough of this, patting her alluringly proportioned breast lightly. And his scruffy beard too; the only thing I hate more than their hoity-toity bickering as if am not present is his snoring.

“Honey,” the beard said. “Don’t you think it’s high time Brian stopped sleeping with us?”

Damn, he cursed. I knew this day would come when I would be dispendable. Now they want to discard me like I don’t even matter?

“I suppose so,” she said, slipping her hanging breast into her night dress.

Why now? He wanted to shout.

“And breast feeding too,” he suggested, scratching his beard. “He should get used to cow milk now!”

Oh no, his mouth went wide with surprise. Take away everything but not the breast milk, please…..

“Can’t wait for him to start school,” she muttered.

First cow milk, then school; so much for being loved and adored! I hate growing up!

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